If you’re a corporate executive or meeting planner you might be wondering why you should invest in corporate motivational speakers. You might be looking through your budget and wondering if it’s worth the money. You could just have a panel of your industry peers at your next conference. That would cost you nothing. But would it really jumpstart creativity or get employees excited about new ideas? Would it light a fire under them to change their behavior or solve problems? Would it get them excited about teamwork and achieving a common goal? And would the same old ideas inspire them to think outside the box and have a renewed sense of wonder in their lives and their jobs? Probably not.

Invest in corporate motivational speakers

Before we talk about the value of hiring corporate motivational speakers, let’s talk about why we need motivation in the first place.

If you’ve seen the movie Rocky, and I’m assuming most people have, you’ll remember Rocky saying “Going that one more round when you don’t think you can – that’s what makes all the difference in your life.” That’s a good phrase to think of when you need a little motivation. No matter how much we know about our jobs and life in general, we could all use more inspiration.

I’ve worked in the TV and film industry for most of my life and part of it in film writing and development. All good movies have certain things in common. No matter what genre they are they all make us feel.

Motivational movies

Rocky Balboa teaches us to never give up. He teaches us to believe in ourselves. When you watch “Rocky” you want to go out and conquer the world. His message makes us believe that we can do it and achieve what we set out to do. This is important because you may have hit a low point in your career. Maybe you aren’t giving it your all and have been overlooked for a promotion. When you see how Rocky gives 110% to win it makes you want to win too.

Life is like a box of chocolates

The movie “Forrest Gump” teaches us to appreciate life and never take it for granted. Forrest, a man with a below-average IQ shows us that anything is possible. And you never know what you’re capable of until you try. He inspires us to want to do better and be better.

Forrest teaches us to be honest and truthful with everyone. He teaches us to try new things, even when you think you might fail at them. He motivates us to be a better person.

Everyone could use some motivation

Everyone in a corporate job has good and bad days. Even the most well-adjusted and satisfied employees could use a dose of motivation and inspiration now and then. A good corporate motivational speaker brings a fresh new outlook that you won’t find in the same ole’ day-to-day of your organization. Sometimes it takes someone you don’t work with or see every day to give you a fresh outlook.

Motivation is important because it gives you a kick in the butt to want to work towards goals. The culture of any organization should include having a shared common goal to work towards. One way to get employees to work towards a common goal is by appreciating and inspiring them. A successful corporate motivational speaker is a gift to your employees. It’s not a hardcore class you have to take to get a certification. It’s a way for them to sit back and be entertained. They can have a laugh while learning, and be inspired.

Corporate motivational speakers help you solve problems

As an inventor and innovation speaker, my whole life is about solving problems and helping others solve problems. In a corporate environment, problem-solving requires teamwork. I have audience members join me in improv games and exercises that they won’t get from their industry. I show them how to think like an inventor to generate breakthrough ideas from my own unique bag of tricks. There are very few inventors in the world and we see things from a different perspective. I show people how to solve problems based on my many years of being an inventor.

A corporate motivational speaker brings everyone together for a common goal. Corporate motivational speakers all have their own ways of solving problems. They bring a different perspective and their own stories about how they overcame problems.

Examples of corporate motivational speakers

Michael Hingson was on the 78th floor of the Twin Towers on 9-11, 2001 when the first plane hit the building. He was able to get out of the building and help his co-workers get out because he had actually read the building manual… in braille. He went on to write a best-selling novel “Thunder Dog” in tribute to his dog Rosie for helping him and others escape that day.

When Michael speaks to corporations he has an inspirational story that nobody else has. He’s able to speak to an audience and give them motivation based on his personal first-hand experience. This is not an experience they will get from members of their own industry who don’t have that perspective. He’s able to show them unique ways of problem-solving that only he knows. Problem-solving demands that you get ideas from other places besides the same ones you hear every day.

The Motivator

Michael Solomon is known as “The Motivator”. He’s a former NYPD Special Investigator and bestselling author. How many corporate motivational speakers could claim to be the survivor of a bizarre double murder attempt on his life? He used his problem-solving skills as an intelligence officer to the U.S. State Department to help negotiate a treaty between the US and Turkey. This gives him a unique position to help and inspire others through experience. This is probably not the same experience or advice you would get from people in your own industry.

People tend to get stuck in their thinking. In order to be a better problem solver you have to get ideas from outside of your industry. And a great corporate motivational speaker will bring in different thinking. They’ll get your employees to think in a different way. Sometimes hearing an idea from someone outside of your company is what they need to hear. Sometimes they will listen to an outsider rather than someone on the inside.

Corporate motivational speakers help you change old habits

Can old habits really be changed? Well, my friend David smoked at least a pack of cigarettes every day for 60 years of his life. I used to hang my head out the window of the car when he lit up and complained that my clothes always smelled like cigarettes when I rode with him. Not that or the threat of cutting his life short by smoking was enough to get him to stop. But when I said that my dog didn’t like it and it wasn’t good for her (he loved that dog!) he quit. Cold turkey. Never smoked another cigarette for the rest of his life. And he lived to be 95.

I’ve been a chronic nail-biter my entire life. I’ve done everything from putting Bitter Yuck on my nails to putting on fake nails. Nothing worked. One day I simply stopped. It’s been months now so hopefully I won’t revert back to bad habits. So, yes you can change old habits, even lifelong ones.

Can a motivational speaker help you change old habits? Corporate motivational speakers can give your employees the tools they need to grow and improve. And they can give them a dose of motivation to keep them going. Hearing a motivational speaker helps to bring in a fresh perspective and allows your employees to take a break from their daily work schedule.

Corporate motivational speakers can promote teamwork

A good corporate motivational speaker can promote the importance of teamwork. In order to get all of your employees excited about teamwork you need to have a common goal. This improves moral and increases trust. This is very valuable to a corporation and justifies the cost of having a corporate motivational speaker.

It’s up to executives and the meeting planner to covey what their audience needs to hear from a motivational speaker. That way they can work together to make sure the common goal is shared and communicated. I always work to customize my material for the audience I’ll be speaking to. Good corporate motivational speakers should do that and not give a canned speech.

Increase trust and get everyone onboard with a common goal

You want to increase trust with your employees and get everyone on board with your common goal. A good motivational speech needs to encourage employees to want to accomplish that common goal. Giving them the motivation to want to work together with their teammates is worth the cost of having a corporate motivational speaker at their next conference.

First, make sure you know what that common goal and common vision is before looking for a corporate motivational speaker.

Corporate motivational speakers tap into your passion

Passion is an intense and compelling desire to do something. It keeps you going when things get tough. It keeps you going when everyone around you tells you something won’t work or that you should give it up. It’s the one thing that unites all successful people.

Successful executives, writers, scientists, athletes, and others who became successful all had a driving motivation and passion to work hard and never quit, even when times were tough. The main key is that they had passion. As an employer I tend to hire people who have passion and it’s never steered me wrong. Passionate employees are already excited about working for you and are willing to work harder, especially when you appreciate them. Give them reasons to stay passionate about you and your company.

People who have passion are much more likely to achieve goals. One of the most valuable things you can get out of a corporate motivational speaker is that they are able to tap into the passion of an audience. Without passion, you don’t have motivation in the first place. And you want your employees to be passionate about your company and the work they do for you. You want to retain good employees. And one of the best ways to do that is by keeping them passionate about working for you. If they don’t have passion for your company or their job they may move on to another company. Or they may just become one of the many who simply go through the motions. This doesn’t benefit you or your company.

Without passion, workers will tune out. Without passion, they won’t be interested in helping you solve problems or growing the company. Passionate employees will contribute more to your company. They will work harder and try harder to solve problems. This is worth the cost of a good corporate motivational speaker.

Having the passion to go the distance with a new invention

If I didn’t have the passion I had to invent a product and get it on the market I never would have gone through the grueling years of ups and downs it took to get there. I wouldn’t have been able to keep going when everyone told me to quit and that my idea would never work. And I certainly wouldn’t have had the motivation to keep going when I constantly ran out of money if I didn’t have an overwhelming passion to see my idea work.

I literally started with $5.00 and a clay prototype. I worked 2-3 jobs for years to build molds, design packaging, patent, and learn how to manufacture and distribute a new, unique product. There were many times I wanted to quit. And I ran out of money many times. The only thing that kept me going was passion. I finally got it to the point of being a NASDAQ product of the year semi-finalist and now have 25 distributors around the world.

I’m able to speak from authority when I address an audience of people who are looking to innovate and generate new ideas. I can speak from my own passion and instill that in others.

This is what good motivational speakers do. They are able to tell their own stories of how they solved problems and used their passion to succeed. They’re able to talk about overcoming hardships, financial issues, or even terrorist attacks, like in Michael’s case. They instill passion in the audience by talking about how you could also overcome obstacles and turn them into new products, a successful career, better relationships, etc.

Why you should invest in corporate motivational speakers

A good corporate motivational speaker is well worth the money. If you want to keep your employees happy and motivated, hire a motivational speaker for your next conference. Hire a speaker who has walked the walk and has the experience they will be relaying to your employees. Hire a speaker who can instill passion in your employees and energize them with the desire to do more and be more. You won’t be disappointed.