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farm innovation
What Will the Farm of the Future Look Like?
As the innovation keynote speaker last week for the Utah Farm Bureau Leadership Conference I realized the agriculture industry is
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Innovation in Nature – Velcro
The inspiration for innovation can come from many places. One of the best places to look is in nature. Nature
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Fads – Group Think Gone Wild
Fads tend to get a bad rap because their popularity may not have anything to do with the value of
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women manufacturers
Why the Manufacturing Industry Needs Diversity
I’ve worked in many male dominated industries, from being an innovation keynote speaker to being an inventor to being a
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innovation keynote speaker
Why You Should Hire an Inventor as Your Innovation Keynote Speaker
Where would we be without inventors? Practically everything we touch in the course of a day is thanks to an
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trade secrets
Trade Secrets as Competitive Advantage
Trade secrets are information that your business would want to keep secret from competitors, and whose value comes from the
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Trademarks and Copyrights as Competitive Advantage
As an inventor and patent holder, some of my strongest intellectual property has been my trademarks and copyrights. According to
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competitive advantage
Patents – Intellectual Property as Competitive Advantage
As a patent and trade dress owner, my favorite competitive advantage is intellectual property. There’s no better way to keep
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Innovation in Meetings and Events – Festivalization
I just got back from Charlotte, North Carolina where I was the innovation keynote speaker for the NC Festival and
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school innovation
Innovation in Education
Years ago I was invited to a private screening of “Waiting for Superman” where teachers in the audience were free
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