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Innovation in Meetings and Events – Festivalization
I just got back from Charlotte, North Carolina where I was the innovation keynote speaker for the NC Festival and
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school innovation
Innovation in Education
Years ago I was invited to a private screening of “Waiting for Superman” where teachers in the audience were free
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The Value of Prototyping in Research and Development
Last week I was the innovation keynote speaker for the James Hardie Research and Development Conference for their scientists and
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Halloween innovation
Halloween Innovation
People love the tradition and rituals of holidays. It’s a comfortable time of doing something we’ve always done year after
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innovation in nature
Innovation in Nature – Cell Phone Screens
How many times have you tried to use your cell phone in bright sunlight and were unable to see the
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problem solving
Creativity and Problem Solving Through Low Tech
As technology takes over more of our lives, there is one skill a machine just cannot compete with…creativity. According to The
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Creativity and Problem Solving Top Job Skills for the Future
According to the World Economic Forum’s “Future of Jobs Report”, creativity and problem solving are listed in the top three skills
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Innovation in Home Care
I was pleased to be the innovation keynote speaker recently at the Rocky Mountain Home Care Conference in Beaver Creek.
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creativity keynote speaker, innovation keynote speaker
Innovations in the Fire Industry
Last month I had the pleasure of being the innovation keynote speaker for the Southeast Michigan Fire Chiefs Association on
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creativity keynote speaker, innovation keynote speaker
Why Associations Need to Innovate
Associations are a legacy business, like newspapers, and the TV industry. And they have all enjoyed many years of success
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