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You did a great job with my team and I really enjoyed meeting you and hearing your story! Just this week on an Austin recap call your name came up as a ‘Plus’ from the meeting with several remarks of how great it was to briefly disconnect from the work ppts and think differently.

Jessica Walton
Henkel Corporation
Julie’s creativity workshop was a huge success. Participants learned exact techniques on how to come up with their own inventions and how to use innovation in their daily lives to solve problems. Oh, yeah and it was fun!
Julie is the most innovative person I have ever had the honor of knowing and representing as a speaker. She has a wealth of talent that she shares with her powerful messages of change and solutions! She is a true entrepreneur and knows how to guide her audiences and clients into a world that they may not have wanted to enter, but it is a necessity in our day and time! Julie also is a mentor to many other speakers, and has a unique insight into the world of finding sponsors to support speakers that is fast catching on in the industry! It is a joy to represent Julie as a speaker, and highly recommend you to take a look at all you will receive for having her at your upcoming event!
Sue Falcone
Simply Sue Speaks, Global Booking Agency
Julie was very professional and pleasant to work with. She spent time researching our industry on her own so she could customize her content. She’s truly a creative individual.
Carol Hudler
Mega Conference
Julie’s presentation about Storytelling at our recent conference gave attendees a unique perspective on how to change a typical press release into something more captivating. Some comments we received from the session included: “Great speaker” “This presentation was unique, fun and full of good information” and “It is rare in our profession to get to spend time talking about creativity and storytelling – wonderful.
CAPIO Conference
Thank you for speaking at this year’s Women’s Leadership Conference. The ladies enjoyed your session and I hope you enjoyed the experience. It was a pleasure to work with you!
PPAI Women’s Leadership Conference
Thank you very much for your time and commitment in helping us create a great experience at our Leading Innovation Summit. We appreciate your support!
.org Innovation Summit
Julie’s presentation on creativity and innovation was well received by our audience of jewelry business leaders and entrepreneurs. She shared great tips on how to be and stay inspired through creative thinking and innovation. Her presentation was interactive and fun- just ask her about Edison.
Jen Luker
Women’s Jewelry Association
Julie’s speech on creativity and innovation was right on target for our scientists, who constantly need to generate new ideas in the lab. The creativity exercises for left and right brain thinking showed how important it is to get ideas from all sources and be able to connect those ideas to come up with a new and unique innovation. It was fun, entertaining and educational.
The Scripps Research Institute
It was a pleasure having Julie speak at our ASD International Retail Conference in Las Vegas. The retail and wholesale small business owners appreciated her topic “Using Innovation for Competitive Advantage”. The interactive creativity exercises helped get the audience involved, and demonstrated that creativity in business is definitely the way to beat the competition at their own game. I would highly recommend her speaking services.
ASD International Retail Conference
Julie Austin’s speech, ‘Reinvent Your Marketing’ was well received by our Daekyo franchise owners at our recent conference. As an inventor and business owner with distributors around the world, Julie’s topic of using innovation and creativity to add value to your business was inspiring. Franchisees left with unique, hands-on tools to improve their own marketing, and ways to generate more ideas of their own.
Miko Carating
Daekyo America
As a meeting planner, Julie was a pleasure to work with. I appreciated her organization and promptness. Although I wasn’t able to hear her speak, her session received rave reviews. I will definitely recommend Julie for future events!
Madeline Sanchez Brown
Louisiana Travel Summit
Just wanted to thank you so much for your awesome presentation! Everyone enjoyed it and the vibrant and captivating way you shared about innovation and team work. It was such a pleasure to meet you and hope we can continue our business partnership.
Karen Smith
Rialto School District Business Conference
Julie was great to work with and I’m pleased she came to our conference. She spoke with the Executive Director before the meeting to learn about our audience and tailored her presentation to our group. We were glad to have her!
Emma Gremel
Conference Planner -Home Care Association of Colorado
Your visit to our charter school was exceptional. The panel was a bright light for our kids. They were inspired by the group, more than they will even say. Some times with kids it is just the smallest tiniest detail that sparks a change, a life time – And you may not even know it on that day, but later when they mention an influence while collaborating on a project or dreaming or planning their future.
We need more visits like yours, to spark the idea you were spreading. Anything worth doing is a challenge, but a challenge is what makes waking up in the morning worthwhile.

You inspired our staff, as well. Teachers have cited your panel when dreaming of curriculum, project ideas for service in the community – starting something new.

Aveson Charter School
Julie spoke at the Working World Job Fair and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her seminar to an audience of job-seekers was both informative and inspiring. We loved her sassy slideshow, which was both entertaining and instructive. Truly, it was a delight to work with Julie and I would highly recommend her as a speaker for any event.
Working World Magazine
Creativity and Innovation Keynote Speaker
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