creativity keynote speaker

Why should you hire Julie?

First of all, if you don’t, your competition will, and they will get all the insider tips and secrets they need to become #1 in your industry. And what does it take to become #1? Fearless innovation!

There are very few women innovation speakers, and even fewer who have actually innovated. Julie is both. You could hire a woman innovation speaker who has read about innovation in a book OR you could hire a true innovator and inventor who’s been in the trenches and bootstrapped a unique invention from scratch and turned it into a global success with no venture capital, no bank loans, and no mentors.

Julie will teach you how to generate ideas on a consistent basis. Ideas to cut costs, improve sales, create new products, services, business models, ad campaigns, marketing & PR angles, and unique promotions. Imagine those tools in the hands of your competitor.

Then ask yourself… what is one good idea worth to your company?