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Julie ignites an enthusiasm for Innovation & Creativity that spreads through the room

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Julie Austin is an inventor and innovation keynote speaker who guides organizations on how to generate breakthrough ideas to create their ultimate competitive advantage. Julie’s remarkable story of taking an idea to prototype then successful product, selling into international markets across the globe, inspires audiences to tap into their ingenuity, create fearlessly, and conquer relentlessly.

What meeting planners say

You did a great job with my team and I really enjoyed meeting you and hearing your story! Just this week on an Austin recap call your name came up as a ‘Plus’ from the meeting with several remarks of how great it was to briefly disconnect from the work ppts and think differently.
Jessica Walton

Henkel Corporation

Julie was very professional and pleasant to work with. She spent time researching our industry on her own so she could customize her content. She’s truly a creative individual.
Carol Hudler

Mega Conference

Julie was great to work with and I’m pleased she came to our conference. She spoke with the Executive Director before the meeting to learn about our audience and tailored her presentation to our group. We were glad to have her!
Emma Gremel

Conference Planner -Home Care Association of Colorado

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What event planners say about hiring Julie Austin


Madeline Sanchez Brown, Louisiana Travel Summit

As a meeting planner, Julie was a pleasure to work with. I appreciated her organization and promptness. Although I wasn’t able to hear her speak, her session received rave reviews. I will definitely recommend Julie for future events!

ASD International Retail Conference

It was a pleasure having Julie speak at our ASD International Retail Conference in Las Vegas. The retail and wholesale small business owners appreciated her topic “Using Innovation for Competitive Advantage”. The interactive creativity exercises helped get the audience involved, and demonstrated that creativity in business is definitely the way to beat the competition at their own game. I would highly recommend her speaking services.

Brainstreaming: How to Think Like an Inventor to generate breakthrough ideas

All innovation begins with great ideas. Some of the most important innovations in history, like Post-it Notes, were discovered by accident. Inventors know the secrets to generating breakthrough ideas on demand—we do it every day.

This book isn’t just about inventing a product. It’s about using the secret techniques that inventors use to generate breakthrough ideas. These ideas could be for products, services, marketing campaigns, advertising strategies, or new business models.

This Book is For:

  • Organizations: Turn employees into problem solvers and overcome the limitations of traditional brainstorming.
  • Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: Stay ahead of the competition by generating innovative ideas.
  • Employees: Become a star performer by saving the company money, generating revenue, or creating ideas that add value.

Brainstreaming prepares your mind for creativity ahead of time, making it different from regular brainstorming. This book is your guide to unlocking innovative thinking and generating breakthrough ideas.

Surviving Disruption: 12 unique innovation strategies to create your ultimate competitive advantage

In this groundbreaking book by inventor and innovation expert Julie Austin, you’ll discover the three secrets to using disruption and change to your advantage. Disruption is inevitable in every business and industry. Whether you’ve been around for one year or 100 years, something unexpected will change the landscape..

“With the combined virtues of astute research and data, relevant anecdotes and harsh truths forged from personal experience, Julie Austin has come up with the perfect survival manual for any businessperson looking to weather the next storm. Tips and cautionary tales blend seamlessly to offer the reader a confident and comprehensive approach for turning danger into opportunity. Written for not just the corporate CEO but the Mom and Pop Store owner, this book is the beacon in the night, lighting the way.”

– Bill Pruitt, five-time Emmy Award winning Executive Producer of “The Amazing Race”, “Deadliest Catch” and “Eat the World”