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Julie Austin Talks About Protecting Your Business Idea
I have just completed a fascinating interview with Julie Austin; the inventor of the wrist water bottles Swiggies over at Women Home Business. She invented this nifty product after she passed out from dehydration while running, and realized the need of runners and active individuals for an easy and less cumbersome way of carrying water during exercise.
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Julie Austin is a California based entrepreneur who is running multiple businesses including an international business based on her invention, swiggies


John Lee Dumas Chat with Julie Austin

Julie Austin is an award-winning author, inventor, and multi-business owner. Her patented product, Swiggies, (wrist water bottles), have sold in 24 countries. She’s a go-to business expert, keynote speaker, and seminar leader in the fields of innovation and creativity.

Her new book The Money Garden: How to Plant the Seeds for a Lifetime of Income is currently available on Amazon.

Mixegy Podcast

If you had an idea for a new exercise product, how would you manufacture it? How would you get stores to sell it? How would you even explain it to consumers in a way that would get them to buy?

Julie Austin is the founder of HydroSport which makes Swiggies, which are water bottles that you wear on your wrist while exercising.


NASDAQ product of the Year Semi Finalist

Family Choice Award

Creative Child Magazine Product of the Year

Toyman Award of Excellence

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