Creative Entrepreneurs

Since creative entrepreneurs don’t punch a time clock or have a boss standing behind them making them work, they have to be their own boss and learn to be more productive on their own.

Creative Entrepreneurs Can Be More Productive

Start Early

  • It seems that Ben Franklin wasn’t far off when he said “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. A study at the University of North Texas found that students who were morning people got better grades, had more success in their careers, and eventually earned more income. If you’re not typically an early morning person, start gradually and get up a little earlier every day. Since most of the world operates on a nine to five schedule, if you can get up before the rest of the world, then you are already ahead of the game. There’s a reason most billionaires are early risers.

Do Most Brain-Draining Things First

  • Writing and other tasks that require a sharp mind are best done when, well, your brain it at it’s sharpest. Prioritize and do the things on your list that don’t require brain power towards the end of your day. Also, if you don’t have a regular office to go into you can schedule things like grocery shopping around your own schedule. Since grocery shopping doesn’t require any brain power, it goes at the bottom of your list. Most grocery stores are open at night, so you can mindlessly wander the aisles after putting in a full day’s work.

Take Breaks

  • Creativity uses a lot of brain power. Taking breaks every hour or so will give you the energy to keep going. Well, that and lots of caffeine. If you work at home, get out and take a walk around the block. It really works. Also, don’t go past the point of diminishing returns. Once your brain gets to the point where you aren’t making sense, put everything on hold for tomorrow. Don’t send out that email, blog post or newsletter yet. Double check it in the morning. You might be surprised how many mistakes you’ve made.


Creative entrepreneurs can be more productive, but it does take some good time management. Get this down to a science and you’ll be amazed at how much more you get done.