With the big Mega Millions Lottery reaching a record-breaking jackpot this week, I thought I would write a post on innovation and winning streaks. Does it contain the winning lottery numbers? Of course not. We have those under lock and key.

Everybody loves a winner

Have you ever noticed how winners seem to have things so easy? Everybody loves a winner and everybody wants to be around someone who is on a winning streak.Winners get the best table in a busy restaurant and people are drawn to them and their confidence.


But losers get the cold shoulder, don’t get into the trendy nightclub, and seem to fall into a spiral of doom. People don’t want to be associated with losers, who also tend to be in a bad mood. They don’t want to be dragged down by them or be associated with them.

Hot, trendy and popular

Winning and losing streaks happen in sports and celebrity careers, but they also happen in business. A new business struggles to build itself up, and suddenly good sales and good word of mouth advertising propel the company into the spotlight. Your company is hot, trendy and popular. Everyone wants what you’re selling. They want anything you’re selling. Venture capitalists want to invest in you. It seems like you can’t go wrong and that’s when you might start taking things for granted. After all, you’re on top of the world.


You stop innovating because you begin to rest on your laurels. The competition tries harder and comes out with something new, exciting, and popular. Your fans lose enthusiasm. Your employees lose enthusiasm. The company starts to lose money. And so begins the losing streak.

Innovative companies value employees

That’s why it’s important for the company’s leaders to keep their fingers on the pulse of the people who make them winners, their employees and their fans. Employees want to know that the company values them. They want to do work that matters and makes a difference. This keeps morale and productivity high. A little innovation goes a long way and keeps employees excited about their job. They should be encouraged to bring in fresh ideas that could keep the company on a winning streak and have the confidence to know that their ideas count.

Don’t ignore your customers

You also can’t ignore your customers when things take a downward turn. They are your fans, your word of mouth soldiers keeping up the buzz. If you ignore them they will leave for companies that appreciate them. Keep them happy and find out what they want. It may not be what you think. Engage them and value their opinion like you would a valued employee.

Winning streaks keep morale high

Winning and losing streaks happen to everyone and all businesses. Staying on top all the time is hard work and takes dedication from the entire team. But innovation and winning streaks can help keep morale high when things take a downturn.