According to Einstein, “The only real valuable thing is intuition“. It’s especially true for entrepreneurs. Sometimes you just have to trust your intuition. You have to listen to it, even if you’re not really sure where it’s going to take you. As an entrepreneur, your brain can process information that you don’t even realize is valuable yet. If you already have most of the information in your brain and it’s churning around in the background, you can probably make a good decision based solely on that.

Test your intuition

If you don’t know anything about a particular business, you might not want to rely just on your intuition and put everything you have into it. You can test your intuition to see how often you are right. Pick some stocks, but don’t buy them. Pick them solely based on your intuition and see how often you are right. Get used to using your intuition on a daily basis and it will get stronger.

Entrepreneurs use intuition

The more you use your intuition, the better you will get at it and the more opportunities you will spot. Entrepreneurs are immersed in it every day. Entrepreneurs who use their intuition are able to think several steps ahead to figure out trends in their industry. Like a professional chess player, they are able to see the big picture and figure out what moves they need to take to get them where they want to be.


To be a successful entrepreneur you need to be a good listener. Listen to your customers, listen to the news (from all sources), listen to your neighbors, your friends, your family, your employees, etc. Take information from all sources and draw your own conclusions. Practice using your intuition to spot future trends. See the patterns that emerge before anyone else and stay ahead of the curve.


You don’t have to have a crystal ball to know that change is constant and will happen no matter what. People who are intuitive are more likely to be able to deal with change when it happens. Intuitive people expect change and are better able to cope with it. They know that change is inevitable and they prepare for it.


As an entrepreneur you need to strengthen and trust your intuition. Learn to listen to it. Gather your knowledge, listen closely, and use your gut feelings. You will probably be right.