About Innovation Keynote Speaker

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Why should you hire Julie as your Innovation Keynote Speaker?

First of all, if you don’t, your competition will, and they will get all the insider tips and secrets they need to become #1 in your industry. And what does it take to become #1? Fearless innovation!

There are very few women innovation speakers, and even fewer who have actually innovated. Julie is both. You could hire an innovation keynote speaker who has read about innovation in a book OR you could hire a true innovator and inventor who’s been in the trenches and bootstrapped a unique invention from scratch and turned it into a global success with no venture capital, no bank loans, and no mentors.

Julie will teach you how to generate ideas on a consistent basis. Ideas to cut costs, improve sales, create new products, services, business models, ad campaigns, marketing & PR angles, and unique promotions. Imagine those tools in the hands of your competitor!

Many innovation keynote speakers only tell you why you need innovation. Julie tells you step by step exactly how to become an innovator and turn your employees into innovative problem solvers.

Then ask yourself… what is one good idea worth to your company?


Here’s what you can expect when working with Julie:

Before you even get to the hiring process I will have a conference call with you and your staff to determine if I am the right fit or not. If I am, I will listen to what your main issues are and what your audience wants to get out of the speech. I will craft an outline that meets your approval to further hone in on exactly what you’re looking for.

Once I’m hired I start digging into research about your industry and the current issues facing it. I pour through the trades and recent studies that have been done and conduct interviews with people in your industry.

I keep in constant contact with you to make sure everything is on the right track and go over what has been done so far. I want to make sure you have exactly what you need, customized just for your audience.

I have a background in TV production and can produce a video teaser promo like the one I did for the .org Innovation Summit:

I come from a background as a theater actor, so I know the entertainment side, but I’ve also been a business owner and have real-life experience as an innovator and international manufacturer. I ‘ve been a gatekeeper for an Academy award-winning production company, so I know the value of great storytelling and incorporate it into everything I do.

I can deliver a high energy, motivational keynote and also do a deeper dive interactive breakout session for the same price. I incorporate improv and creativity games into the breakout or keynote. My goal is to bring you as much value as possible and make you look like a rock star in the eyes of your audience.

I also have a background as a publicist and will help with the promotion of your event. I have over 30,000 in my social media reach and will promote through my network.

So, whether your event is for 50 or 5,000 you won’t be disappointed.